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Former Bradenton youth pastor arrested again as part of sexual assault case


A former Bradenton church youth pastor was arrested after police found him at a hotel with a girl he had been ordered by a court not to see because of an ongoing sexual assault case.

Jerred Peacock was a youth pastor at The Church at Bradenton in 2016, but he has moved to Estero.

Peacock, 34, was arrested on March 11 and remains in the Lee County jail on a charge of sexual assault by a person older than 24 on a victim of 16 or 17 years old, according to jail records.

Prior to the March arrest, Peacock was accused of having sexual contact with a girl between March 1, 2018, and Aug. 1, 2018, according to a warrant, most of which was heavily redacted in online court records.

Peacock was first arrested in October 2018 on the charge of sexual assault on a 16- or 17 year-old victim in Lee County and was released on bond, jail records show.

The girl was 17 years old at the time and Peacock was still a youth pastor at a church, according to the Naples Daily News.

The girl initially denied having a relationship with Peacock but after being interviewed by investigators a second time, said there were several occasions where they touched each other, the Naples Daily News reported.

Peacock’s attorney told WINK News in December the allegations are not true.

Peacock was fired from his position at Living Waters Church in Estero in September 2018, the Naples Daily News reported, citing a warrant affidavit

However, a church official told WINK News that Peacock resigned before the accusations were brought to light.

Peacock was taken into custody for the second time after his bond was revoked in a March 11 hearing.

He was found in a Fort Myers hotel parking lot Feb. 11 with the girl he currently faces charges of having a sexual relationship with when she was 17, court records show.

Peacock was ordered on Oct. 13 by the court not to contact the girl, according to court documents.

His attorney filed a motion to have a no-contact order with the now 18-year-old set aside, but the motion was denied by Judge Bruce E. Kyle on Jan. 28, before police found them together in the parking lot.

In 2016, Peacock was a youth ministries pastor at The Church at Bradenton. The Church hosted a concert tour, The Silver Ring Thing, that year, that was to “show teens purity is about more than just waiting until they are married to have sex.”

The Church’s youth group hosted between 60 and 75 teens a week at the time, Peacock told the Herald in 2016.

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